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Core Firms: Conduct Rules Training

The price for this course: £36.00 inc. VAT

This module details the Individual Conduct Rules and is required training annually for all individuals. Please note that the SMCR for Senior Manager Module and should be taken in addition to this module. This module is required for:

- All employees
- Individuals undertaking Certification Functions
- Senior Managers

Course Outline

  • Conduct Rules Overview

    - Overview
    - Who must follow the conduct Rules?
    - What is the standard of conduct expected of me?
    - Regulatory references

  • What are the risks to you?

    - Internal disciplinary action
    - FCA breach reporting
    - FCA sanctions
    - What else you should be aware of?

  • Features

    - Designed by Experts
    - Compatible on multiple devices
    - E-Learning modules available offline
    - Tailor any module to your needs
    - Trackable testing & administrative tools
    - Bespoke implementation on our LMS or yours

The price for this course

£36.00 inc. VAT

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