l Limited Scope Firms: SMCR Overview | SMCR Compliance

e-Learning Course for Limited Scope Firms: SMCR Overview

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This module is designed to provide a summary of the SMCR requirements for as they apply to staff at an introductory level. It will review the key concepts and role assignments needed to transition your firm properly to the new regime. This module is suitable for:

- Senior Managers
- Individuals undertaking Certification Functions
- All Employees

Course outline

  • Introduction

    A background to the SMCR regime and the content of the training course.

  • Senior Managers Regime

    - Statements of Responsibilities
    - Prescribed Responsibilities
    - Sharing Senior Management Functions
    - Sharing Prescribed Responsibilities
    - Overseas Managers
    - The 12-week Rule

  • Certification Regime

    - Certification functions
    - Performing more than one Certification Function
    - Senior Managers and the Certification Function
    - Significant Management Certification Function
    - Overseas employees

  • Conduct Rules

    - Two tiers of Conduct Rules
    - Activities the Conduct Rules apply to
    - Who the Conduct Rules apply to
    - Training requirements
    - Reporting breaches of the Conduct Rules

  • Features

    - Designed by Experts
    - Compatible on multiple devices
    - E-Learning modules available offline
    - Tailor any module to your needs
    - Trackable testing & administrative tools
    - Bespoke implementation on our LMS or yours

The price for this course

£42.00 inc. VAT

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